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London Central Hotels

At we are able to offer an unrivalledselection of hotels in many different parts of the city.

These range from budget-conscious but very comfortable 2 Starhotels (some of which may be family run) with private facilities,right up to 5 Star luxury accommodation in some of London’s mostprestigious establishments.

Not only that but we are also able to help with a wide varietyof other related activities, all designed to help make your staythat bit more enjoyable.

They include things such as arranging hotel and leisure packages(e.g. a show plus hotel), making travel arrangements or simplyarranging your tickets for entry to major attractions.

After all, queuing for tickets is potentially a waste of yourprecious time when you’re out and about seeing this great capitalcity.


In order to help you choose your preferred hotel location, weoffer our own quick overview of London’s principal areas.

North bank versus south bank

London’s origins are on the north bank of the river Thames.

However, over the centuries, it has spread across a number ofmajor bridges to now include very large areas south of the riveralso.

When people speak of Central London, in terms of visitors, theyare normally discussing a large approximate circle drawn somewherearound St Paul’s Cathedral which incorporates large areas of thesouth bank along the river.

There are many excellent hotels on both the north and south banks of theThames though the north bank is where the bulk of the classictourist attractions are, such as Westminster Abbey, St Pauls, TheTower of London and Big Ben etc.

The City versus Westminster versus London versusDocklands

This occasionally confuses visitors on London weekend breaks butis largely an echo of ancient history!

If you look at a modern map, the area running roughly from theTower of London up towards Saint Paul’s and a little beyond was theoriginal Roman City.  Today in London this area is stillreferred to as The City and in fact still exists as a legal entityin its own right.

To the west of it was the old political and residential powerbase of the King and Court. This was originally an entirelyseparate town entity called the City of Westminster.

To the east of the Tower of London, running for a considerableif slightly ill-defined area, is Docklands.  This wasoriginally an industrial and quite deprived area that wasconsiderably redeveloped in the 1970s and 1980s.

Today it is a thriving commercial centre and the location of the2012 Olympic site.

All of these areas are, of course, part of the modern City ofLondon.

Outer areas

Some hotel accommodation in London may be located in what is looselydefined as being outer areas.

In fact, these parts of London are all still recognisably in thecity itself and within easy public transport reach of the majorsights.

These areas just outside of the central districts might includeleafy quiet areas with their own unique character such asGreenwich, Hampstead or Golders Green.

In short, London offers hotel accommodation to suit everyone – and it is all relativelycentral, irrespective of how Londoners describe their respectiveareas!

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