London Rail Breaks

London Rail Breaks

London Rail Breaks London Rail Breaks

There's something about the idea of a rail trip to London that evokes a child-like excitement!

Taking the train, getting into your hotel, then setting off to see the sights, it's not just enjoyable - it's also plain good fun.

Of course, sadly, any such trip also needs a touch of rather less thrilling administration in order to make it happen!  That includes finding and booking hotels, doing likewise for train tickets and then perhaps needing to start telephoning around trying to find tickets for shows, concerts and entry to major attractions etc.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.

London Rail Breaks

At, we can offer rail breaks that include all of the above elements.

No queuing for tickets, phoning of multiple hotels or spending your precious leisure time in trying to make things happen - all that can be done for you. You'll be free to concentrate on simply enjoying yourself.

How it works

If you're looking for all-inclusive travel and accommodation, at LondonWeekendBreaks, you only need to provide us with:

We will then contact you to confirm the hotel booking and to discuss your specific preferences for travel times and train seating arrangements etc.

Of course, we can at that time also take your requirements for tickets to shows and other attractions.

This will all then be subsequently confirmed by email. Your weekend break is all arranged based upon a single email and phone call!

Hotel allocations

Hotels are allocated in order to provide you with the best possible deal based upon your hotel grade selection.

They will be in Central London and close to all the main attractions on foot or by public transport.

You can, of course, request specific hotels or specific locations.

There may be some conditions that apply to train journeys, depending upon your choice of station, departure time and departure date.  It might also be necessary to book this type of break several days in advance of your planned travel date, in order to allow tickets to be posted to you etc.

So, there's no longer any need to put that childhood excitement on hold. London's waiting for you!    

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